Conventional Epoxy Coatings

Standard 100% Solids, zero VOCs Epoxy Coatings are some of the most common coating applications. Typically installed as a two-coat system, uniform in colour. They provide a wide range of protection for concrete surfaces, including abrasion resistance, non-slip surfaces, chemical resistance, easy to clean surfaces and a solution to protect concrete from everyday wear and tear. This system can add some different installation techniques to meet job specific applications, (where a more aggressive anti-slip or abrasion resistance floor is needed) there is the ability to add fine aggregates to the epoxy to achieve a high abrasion resistance and non-slip surface.

Intended Service

  • Clean rooms and sanitary areas
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Food service areas, institutional and recreational facilities
  • Light to medium duty manufacturing areas, processing and warehousing
  • Retail stores
  • Theaters
  • Aircraft hangars

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